Manchester Informatics (Mi) was established in 2008 as the University of Manchester’s strategic response to the opportunities and challenges created by the digital revolution. 

Mi operates as a "virtual research institute"  where you can find information about digital research across the entire University.  Our role is to bring together the work of researchers from all Faculties to explore the complex interplay between scientific, engineering, social, wealth creation, and quality of life concerns, with the aim of creating opportunities and maximising impact in an area of increasing importance.

Mi aims to:

Enhance Manchester’s profile in digital research and innovation by working with external stakeholders in business, public services and the third sector to enhance the reputation of informatics in Manchester

Establish the University as a centre for thought‐leadership in the field, by working with others to influence the national/international research agenda through our national and local networks

  • NewMind, the UK research network for technology for mental health
  • UKHDAN, the UK research network for health data analytics
  • GM Connected Health Ecosystem, a multi-sector partnership for improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery through the adoption of Connected Health innovations.

Build the informatics research community within the University by bringing together leading researchers from different disciplines into multidisciplinary communities able to tackle important research problems and build critical mass in new and emerging research areas

Make an Impact on the Real World by bringing knowledge to bear on the great issues facing the world in the 21st century and by playing a leading role in engaging with local and national organisations to increase the impact of informatics on the world of practice.