Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that are frequently asked. Frequently.

Informatics is a broad field exploring natural and artificial systems which store, process, access, and communicate information.

Informatics considers the interaction between humans and information alongside the construction of interfaces, organisations, technologies and systems. Digital technology is now all-pervasive in academic research and in society at large so increasingly informatics has impact across the entire academic spectrum.

Informatics explores the complex interplay between scientific, engineering, social, wealth creation, and quality of life concerns.

We support the network of almost 500 researchers at the University of Manchester who are involved in digital research and by building relationships with external organisations and partners in an area of increasing importance. We do this through:

Internal events: Regular events focussed around our core multidisciplinary themes and emerging opportunities. These are an excellent opportunity for researchers to share their findings and to explore areas where researchers in one field of informatics could learn from researchers in other fields.

External events: Presenting at events organised by others are important ways for us to facilitate new relationships and maintain existing ones.

Communications: We publicise news, events and funding opportunities of interest to our internal and external communities.

Support for research funding applications: We help researchers prepare interdisciplinary grant proposals, for example by introducing appropriate internal and external collaborators. We also work with external partners to identify ways in which the results of the research can have real world impact.