Data Visualisation in the Smart City - Bringing Maps to Life

Time: 13:00 - 15:00

Venue: Atlas 1 & 2, Kilburn Building, University of Manchester, M13 9PL

Manchester Informatics in partnership with the Manchester Urban Institute would like to invite you to the second event in a series of events aimed at exploring the University's work on Smart Cities.

The ability to visualise data about a city is essential in order to make it smart, Richard Kingston, Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Manchester will be giving a talk on the work of the Spatial Policy and Analysis Laboratory at the University, where spatial data analysis is used to support all forms of the planning and development process. Examples include CommuteFlow - geodemographic classification of commuting flows for England and Wales to enable better transport infrastructure planning and Climate Just, which shows the geography of England’s vulnerability to climate change at a neighbourhood scale.

Ordnance Survey, one of the partners in the CityVerve project, is at the heart of Smart activity applying geospatial expertise to bring Smart Cities to life all over the world. Simon Navin, Smart Cities Projects Lead at Ordnance Survey, will be giving a demonstration of OS’s data visualisation and mapping work on CityVerve and beyond.

Clicks and Links which is also a partner of CityVerve will be providing a demonstration of the virtual reality work which has been used to help Transport for London assess different crowd management strategies and have provided a virtual reality toolkit for the construction of the new Crossrail line between London and the South East.