Health Tech & You Awards 2017

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AXA PPP Healthcare Awards is open for entry and includes awards to: support independent living in older age; and technologies to help people manage their own health.

Apply by 16th January 2017.  

Support independent living in older age - Health Tech & Age Award

Thanks to health tech people in retirement have never had as much control over their own health and wellbeing as they do now. In partnership with The Age of No Retirement this category aims to identify excellence in design innovation and technical adaption of health tech that can support independent living as we get older.

The Age of No Retirement is a design-led movement for intergenerational social change. Their aim is to create a world where age does not matter, where people of all ages share equal opportunities and participate equally in a richer, more engaged society. They collaborate across all sectors on strategies, products, services and processes that address the needs of people of all ages – workers, citizens, consumers.

If you have developed or are developing an innovation that is helping to support and care for people as they get older, you are strongly encouraged to apply. 

There are two routes for entry, either directly through the website which is open for entries. Or next month, the Age of No Retirement will be launching a new open challenge on their crowdsourcing platform - The Age of Action.

The challenge will seek to discover new inventions and innovations to support the millions of people in the UK who are caring for loved ones.

Further details will be announced shortly, but if you want to be sure you are first to receive this challenge, please send your name and email to so you can be on their mailing list.

Technologies to help people manage their own health - Health Tech & You Challenge 

AXA PPP healthcare understand the many health and wellbeing challenges people experience. Each year Health Tech & You highlights the most pressing current challenges, and invites the health tech community to demonstrate why their innovations are best place to tackle them. 

This year in partnership with innovation accelerator The Bakery, AXA PPP Healthcare are looking for the next big innovation that will help people live life well by managing their own health - technologies that inspire people to stay healthy, get better or support them when they're unwell. 

As people are increasingly connected, they're looking for digital tools, applications and devices that will support people in sickness and in health - not only helping them get better, but helping them stay healthy in the first place.


Challenge 1. Can your technology inspire people to care for their wellbeing, move, eat and sleep better, and motivate them to stay healthy for good?

Challenge 2. Can your technology help people get better, from detecting an illness to understanding their condition or their symptoms, all the way to encouraging them to follow their treatment?

Challenge 3. Can your technology provide support to people who need it the most, and help them manage long-term conditions or chronic diseases?

If you think you have a solution to one of these challenges then please apply here