New funding model to speed up NHS access to innovative treatments


Simon Stevens, head of NHS England, announced a new programme in his keynote speech at the NHS Confederation Conference here in Manchester to fast-track cutting edge innovations from across the globe to the NHS front line. 

The NHS will provide an explicit national reimbursement route for new medtech innovations. The new model is designed to accelerate uptake of new medtech devices and apps for patients with diabetes, heart conditions, asthma, sleep disorders, and other chronic health conditions, as well as mental health conditions, pregnancy, obesity reduction and weight management. 

This new funding model hopes to help clinicians and innovators in getting uptake and spread across the NHS, according to NHS England, due to a new Innovation and Technology tariff that will remove the need for multiple local price negotiations and instead guarantee automatic reimbursement when an approved innovation is used. Such tariffs will also allow the NHS to negotiate 'bulk buy' discounts for hospitals, GPs and patients. 

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