Alzheimer's Society Dissemination Grants

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Submission Deadline: 28th February 2018, Noon 

Funding Available: Up to £2,500 per grant

The Alzheimer's Society new dissemination grants scheme provides funding to support the sharing of research knowledge and material beyond researcher's own peer groups.

The aim is to encourage researchers to communicate and engage with people who may be helped and supported by the outcomes of their research. They want to encourage people to understand how research outcomes can improve their work or lives, and how research findings could be used in future practice and help people affected by dementia. 

Alzheimer's Society welcomes creative dissemination ideas. Examples of dissemination activities include:

  • public engagement workshops
  • cross-disciplinary conferences
  • exhibits, performances or festivals
  • interactive technologies, databases, and audio-visual products
  • media events
  • educational aids, instruments or equipment
  • virtual networking and interactions

Applicants may apply for up to £2,500 to support their dissemination activity.

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