Apply for business funding: innovations in health and food

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Submission Deadline: 9th November 2016

Funding Available: Up to £15 million 

Innovate UK has up to £15 million to invest in innovative business projects in agriculture, food and healthcare.

Projects must involve a small or medium-sized business and focus on one of the following priority areas:

  • increasing yield, quality and sustainability in agriculture and food production
  • improving precision medicine, advanced therapies, pre-clinical technologies
  • advancing biosciences in healthcare and agriculture and food production

A growing and ageing population, increased burden of disease and greater wealth are all accelerating demand for food and improved healthcare. 

The food and drink sector represents 30% of the $20 trillion global economy and healthcare 10%. There is a £250 billion global market opportunity for improvements in agriculture.

At the same time, advances in bioscience, medical research, engineering and physical sciences are making new business innovation possible.

This competition aims to stimulate innovation in health and life sciences under a number of themes:

  • increasing agricultural productivity
  • improving food quality and sustainability
  • precision medicine
  • advanced therapies
  • pre-clinical technologies
  • biosciences

Expected to fund some projects lasting up to 12 months with total costs of up to £100,000 and other projects lasting between 12 and 36 months with total costs between £100,000 and £2 million.

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