Mental Health Digital Development Lab


Funding available: £400,000

mHabitat is delivering an NHS England funded Digital Development Lab to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in mental health. 

The Lab is open to applications from innovators who have developed promising digital technologies which have the potential to be endorsed and nationally promoted within the NHS. We are particularly interested in tools that support the mental health of young people and families. 

Successful Digital Development Lab applicants will benefit from:

  • Access to funds to accelerate your digital technology towards endorsement and adoption
  • Help to generate evidence of impact through evaluation tools and support
  • Access to mentoring on topics such as co-design, standards, regulation and implementation
  • Opportunity to share learning and support with a group of digital innovator peers.

mHabitat anticipate working with around 6 to 8 Digital Development Lab participants over approximately 7 months who will have access to a share of £400,000 to accelerate their technology towards endorsement and adoption. 

The application process will comprise two stages:

1. An online survey from which a shortlist will be created

2. An invitation for shortlisted applicants to pitch to a group of digital mental health experts. 

Shortlisting of digital tools will use the following criterea:

the extent to which the digital tool:

  • Meets the scope of the Digital Innovation Lab (as set out in the online application)
  • Has the potential to meet the standard of the upcoming National Information Board app assessment process
  • Has the potential to move from development to adoption with a combination of grant funding and mentoring.

We are less likely to fund digital tools which have already received significant amounts of grant funding from the NHS or other bodies.

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