MRC Momentum Awards: Institutional pump-priming awards for dementia research


Funding Available: £750,000

The University has been successful in securing funding for MRC Momentum Awards: Institutional pump-priming awards for dementia research, providing £750,000 in total funds available. 

The aim of these Momentum Awards is to unlock UoM’s untapped potential for biomedical dementias / neurodegeneration research, open up new scientific areas, encourage innovative high risk projects, and bring high level expertise and novel ideas/technologies from other disciplines in to the dementia field.

The funding will be allocated funding across a small number of projects (approx. 8) with particular emphasis on bringing new approaches to dementia research aligned with our areas of key strengths in proteostasis dysfunction, neuroinflammation, neurovascular dysfunction, cognitive-clinical neuroscience and neuroimaging, and discovery of endotypes, targets and biomarkers. Priority will be given to projects that bring innovative science, new approaches and/or someone new to dementia research and which are cross-disciplinary, involve new technology and/or create enabling infrastructure.

In order to facilitate such cross-disciplinary interaction we are holding a workshop on the 1st November at 14:00 – 17:00. When you register there will be the option to indicate whether you would like to give a 5-10 min pitch outlining the dementia research problem you wish to tackle or the technology/science that you can bring to tackle potential projects. Register for the workshop

Further details on the scope of these awards.

Information on how to apply