SHAPe, the Sowerby Health Intervention for Autistic People Study


Submission Deadline: 16th February 2018

Autistica want to bring together the best people to develop and trial a world-class personalised health checks programme, involving annual GP health checks for autistic adults to improve primary health access and address mortality and co-morbidities of autistic people. The annual health checks will be supported by a pre-appointment digital tool. 

Autistica have partnered with the Peter Sowerby Foundation to fund projects that address the poorer physical health and lower life expectancy of autistic people. Researchers, autistic people and caregivers are needed to help develop a solution.

The project falls into two work packages:

  1. To design a health check which could function effectively within the UK's health systems and work for every autistic adult and build upon existing tools. 
  2. To build a pre-appointment digital tool which will support autistic people and clinicians before, during and after an appointment. 

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