CityVerve hits the road – in China


William Wu

In November, CityVerve hit the road.

A UK delegation of public and private sector smart city experts, including representatives from Sparta Digital as well as our Cisco team, travelled across China along with British and Chinese staff from the Town and Country Planning Association in the UK, British Embassy Beijing and Consulate-General Wuhan to share ideas and case studies on the development of smart environments.

In total, the ten-day long roadshow took in five destinations – ShenYang, WuHan, TianJin, JiNan and Xi’An – which are all at different stages of their development into fully-fledged smart cities.

CityVerve’s ambition to create a blueprint for smart cities worldwide makes this kind of trip all the more important; this was an invaluable opportunity to see use cases in action and at different scales, as well as to pass on some of our own experiences...

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