Connected Technology Solutions Dramatically Improve Medication Adherence


Philips has announced new study results demonstrating how the use of a connected medicine dispensing technology can greatly benefit patients with chronic conditions, helping them better comply with long-term therapy. 

Over the span of one year, user data from more than 1,300 patients in the Netherlands was analyzed, showing 96% of patients using Philips Medido, a connected medication dispensing solution, were adherent to their medication schedule. Data from the study also showed that patients using Medido stayed adherent to long-term therapy over time, showing little or no change in adherence over the course of the year.

Successful treatment with prescription medication requires consistent use over time. Studies have shown that during the treatment of chronic illnesses approximately 50% of patients do not adhere to their physician's long-term therapy recommendations. While patients rely on their medications to keep them healthy and help them manage chronic conditions, complex medication schedules can often lead to mistakes, such as missed doses, incorrect amounts, or taking medications at the wrong time. Through a connected medication dispensing solution like Medido, patients living with chronic conditions can better manage their medication schedules, resulting in higher medication adherence and reduced costs of care.

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