FAULT LINES: blurring the boundary between art and technology


Vicki DeBlasi 

One of the great challenges with demonstrating the value of the Internet of Things is that, for the most part, it’s invisible. In fact, it’s more than invisible since you can’t hear or smell or touch it either.

But it’s not just a concept or an abstract thought, it’s something that’s already beginning to shape the way we live – and, in Manchester, is set to improve the way the city runs for those living, working and playing within it.

With this in mind, an important part of the CityVerve project involves making these improvements visible, and coming up with ways to visualise the city functions that go on behind the scenes.

One way to do this is through art. And in a city with the cultural heritage of Manchester, that option is something of a no-brainer.

Drawing on history

One of the ways of bringing art and innovation together for CityVerve is through FAULT LINES.

Headed up by the team at FutureEverything, FAULT LINES is a landmark talent development and commissioning programme awarded an Ambition for Excellence award by Arts Council England.

The name of the initiative is, as ever, no accident, and refers to the fault lines that run between cultures and language in art and technology innovation. This project aims to blur those lines and celebrate what happens when art and innovation meet.

To read more about FAULT LINES, follow the link.