HackTrain from London to Lyons


An international hackathon took place on board the amazing London-Paris-Lyons (and back) HackTrain this past weekend. 80 innovators were invited to tackle some of the rail industry's biggest problems by building apps, websites and hardware. 

The HackTrain identified core challenges that the industry is facing and key datasets with a lot of potential. During the event these were made available to participants to create solutions that could revolutionise the industry. 

Struan McDonough, Daniel Thomas, Izz Abudaka and Daniel Ireson from the University were aboard the HackTrain. Struan and Daniel worked on a computer vision project to give train operators real time information on the mood of the carriage, to provide personalised customer experiences.

Daniel Thomas worked on a personal chatbot assistant for customer service on trains, which learns from the customer's needs, and Izz worked with another Hacktrainer on an app which uses the WiFi infrastructure of stations to go ticketless.  

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