Philips and Develco Products in Ground-Breaking IoT Solution Solving Challenge of Population Ageing


To meet the challenges of rising life expectancy, Develco Products' Gateway has been chosen as the foundation of a new innovative home care solution launched by Philips.

Using the Gateway, Philips offers a unique solution for seniors to age more safely in their own homes. By supplying Philips CareSensus, a connected sensors platform, with the flexible Gateway, Develco Products helps redefine the landscape of healthcare by means of IoT. 

With Develco Products' Gateway, we have found an off-the-shelf gateway that has the perfect fit technical wise as well as from a business point of view. Flexibility in all areas was an important factor and is key for a start-up - Supply Chain Manager ECS business at Philips

As IoT specialists within smart home, energy management, and healthcare, Develco Products' contribution to improving living conditions of seniors is based on a high level of expertise.

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