SPICA rolls out Healthy Water solution to 10 new buildings


Tim Streather

Since the project’s inception back in summer 2016, SPICA, like all of our CityVerve partner colleagues, has been heads down in requirements gathering and business planning sprints to ensure our individual parts of the wider programme are well mapped for success over the project’s two year duration.

The primary focus area has been on creating IoT outcome-based solutions that can provide compliance cost reduction within public and commercial buildings. This falls under the Energy and Environment theme within the wider CityVerve programme.

One example of the type of simple, retrofit IoT offerings that SPICA has developed within CityVerve is a real-time water system monitoring solution that can be used to augment a complete Legionella control regime; helping to ensure water quality.

Legionella is the group of bacteria responsible for a number of illnesses, including Pontiac fever and Legionnaires’ disease. Needless to say, exposure to Legionella carries real a real risk and man-made water systems are a particularly common source of the bacteria.

As a result, employers and others in control of premises are required to follow strict guidelines laid out in the Approved Code of Practice to ensure that this risk of exposure is minimised. There are, of course, costs associated with maintaining compliance.

SPICA’s solution, called Devicepoint™ for Healthy Water, replaces traditional manual techniques with connected devices, taking real-time data readings on pipe temperature which feed into the Devicepoint™ dashboard for easy remote access.

This innovative IoT solution offers cost savings, better accuracy to exceed regulatory requirements, and a proactive approach to tackling a widespread potential health risk. By eliminating regular manual testing work, the risk of a water system being contaminated with raised levels of bacteria, including Legionella, is significantly reduced in a cost-effective manner.

To find out more about the great work Spica is doing as a part of CityVerve, follow the link.