Digital Trust & Security

Theme Lead: Professor Emma Barrett

Scope of Theme

Given our increasing dependence on digital technology, the issue of whether we can trust the
systems we use and the people we interact with has become critical. The theme underpins a broad range of societal challenges and is profoundly multidisciplinary. It ranges across the security and resilience of the underlying technology, work practices and processes, law and regulation, human behaviour, and social norms and context. The theme includes:

  • Regulation, governance and standards
  • Software security (and underpinning maths)
  • Criminals and cyber crime
  • Care and protection of data
  • Digital security in the workplace
  • Secure systems and components
  • Human behaviour and trust

Digital Trust & Security  is a broad, interdisciplinary field that ranges  from the more traditional security concerns, such as cryptography, access control and verification to the societal and sociological concerns that emerge from  big-data analytics, intrusion, cloud computing and the internet of things.


As Cyber Security threats become more pervasive across research areas, it becomes more important for all disciplines to provide their valuable insight to the discussion.

At the University of Manchester we undertake research in a wide range of areas vital to Cyber Security including Cryptography, Data Analytics, Distributed Systems and Networking, Threats and Intrusion and Engineering Verification as well as in the political and legal aspects such as digital forensics and linguistics, social science, safeguarding national engineering infrastructures and more .We also have a strong track record in Policy Aspects of Cyber Security including data security and privacy and in Human Factors.

Our MSc programmes cover Cryptography & Network Security and Cyber Security.

We provide informative and authoritative commentary on  issues of Digital Trust and Security.