Data Science

As the digital revolution gains pace, we find ourselves living in an increasingly data-driven world. The data we create and the ways we can use it for research and public good are expanding at an astonishing rate. Data Science or Data Analytics is about the processes involved in extracting meaning from the abundance of data that are now available. It is a cross-disciplinary field that offers many opportunities for researchers across the university.

Data Science Institute

The University of Manchester's  Data Science Institute was created to act as an access point to the University's expertise in data science, bringing together researchers and exploring opportunities. The Institute is supported by Manchester Informatics and has the following objectives:

  • To act as an access point to the University's data science expertise
  • To facilitate data science activity across the University
  • To support research activities where solutions to data analytics problems do not exist
  • To build capacity in data science through training future generations of data scientists
  • To work with the data science community to develop the University's data science strategy, building new algorithms and methods
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Data Science Research

Manchester's Data Science Institute acts as an access point to the University’s expertise in data science. The Instituteis responsible for developing the University’s data science strategy and support

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Data Science Community

Manchester has an engaged data science community of almost 250 investigators, with methodologists embedded in Schools across the University addressing problems in extracting meaning from data, managin

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Research IT Resources

Research IT provides specialised eResearch capabilities supporting researchers at the University to conduct world leading, high impact research.

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