Data Science Club

Data Science or Data Analytics is about the processes involved in extracting meaning from the abundance of data that are now available. It is a cross-disciplinary field that offers many opportunities for researchers across the university. Data Science Club (DSC) is a new computational research club started to encourage learning and collaboration around topics in data science. 

The club is a great opportunity for researchers, from those new to data analysis through to the field-leaders, to come together and hear about the cutting edge in data science methods and techniques being applied in research areas right across the university, the public sector and in business. Data Science is inherently multidisciplinary and collaborative - come along to share with others what you’re working on, find collaborators and develop ideas on exciting future projects.

The Data Science Club is led by The University of Manchester Data Science Institute Management Board with support from Research IT and Manchester Informatics:  

Previous Data Science Club Meetings

List of previous Data Science Club events and meetings.

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Data Science Club Remit

The remit, aims and objectives of the Data Science Club.

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