ClinTouch is a new mobile health intervention developed through a £1m MRC award that has been codesigned as a digital solution for managing psychosis.

1 in 100 people live with psychosis in the UK, a mental health issue that results in high relapse rates. ClinTouch is a digital health technology that aims to lower the rate of relapse through self-management and improved communication between patient and doctor.

ClinTouch, using a smartphone app as its interface, has been designed to improve the relationship between the user and their doctor by encouraging users to become active participants in their care and empowering the patient through self-management.

The app acts as a real time log to support patients through their treatment and closes the information gap between user and clinician. At several times throughout the day beeps alert the user to rate a series of questions, responses to these questions are made on a sliding scale and logged. More questions stem from the prior responses which can be discussed in clinical consultations, eliminating the need for the patients to recall feelings or symptoms between appointments.

ClinTouch will also help the patient with adherence to medication, detecting environmental triggers, and improving their care and everyday life. An early warning system offers relapse prevention by spotting any behaviours or responses that may suggest the patient is at risk of relapse. Health professionals can then act to enable early intervention.

As an innovative digital health technology ClinTouch has the potential to improve patient’s lives and reduce demands on the NHS. If ClinTouch can reduce 5% of relapse it will save the average trust £250-£500k per year, this has the potential to save the NHS £119m over 3 years.

Find out more over on the ClinTouch website.