Healthy Nation

Our health - our state of mental and physical wellbeing - affects our quality of life, the resilience of communities and the productivity of the nation. Advances based on new research in the engineering and physical sciences will revolutionise our ability to manage our own health, help us to maintain healthier behaviours and environments, and transform the way care is delivered. Novel technologies and materials will continue to improve our ability to predict, diagnose and treat disease. Research will deliver better quality of life, higher standards of affordable care and will drive UK growth through new products and services.

The University of Manchester and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council are collaborating on the Healthy Nation initiative in order to empower researchers across multiple disciplines to deliver revolutionary new technology and processes that will ensure better living quality and higher standards of healthcare in the UK and abroad. The aim of the project is to inspire collaboration between professionals from varied backgrounds and research areas to overcome systemic shortcomings and definitively solve longstanding global problems. The key strands of this scheme for The University of Manchester seek to streamline processes of diagnosing, monitoring and analysing data in order to make the treatment process faster and more productive.

The University of Manchester are running two distinct activities under the umbrella of Healthy Nation which aim to transform community health and care & Improve prevention and public health.