Digital Society

The Digital Revolution affects the lives of everybody, with implications for almost every aspect of society as we move through the century. The increasing ubiquity of computing will have a profound effect on the ways in which people work, travel, learn, socialise and access entertainment.

Digital technology is developing at an astounding rate. The rapid emergence of new digital infrastructures, including wireless networks, mobile devices and positioning technologies, even in the last decade, has transformed our understanding of, and our interactions with, the digital world.

Societies face major challenges as we move into the coming decades. Essentials such as healthcare and energy will need to transform in order to keep up with growing demand and changing demographics. Digital technology will play a key role in helping to address these challenges and embrace opportunities, from helping to understand people’s use of energy, to facilitating increasingly innovative provision of healthcare services.

The effects of these changes on both economy and society will be wide ranging, with implications for so many different diciplines. Manchester Informatics draws on this, by uniting a range of different disciplines.

Digital Society embraes a wide range of themesincluding Understanding and Modelling Human Behaviour; Development Informatics; Digital Humanities and Social Media


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Digital Security & Trust

Cyber Security is a broad field that encompasses a wide-range of concerns from the more traditional security concerns, such as cryptography, access control and verification to concerns emerging from t

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Development Informatics

Development informatics is a field of both research and practice focusing on the application of information systems in socio-economic development.

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Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities at Manchester brings together experts from the humanities and computer science with computational partners from across the University.

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Electronics in Agriculture - e-Agri

e-Agri aims to inform the electronics community of the needs of modern agronomy and food science to enable engineering of new systems and devices for reducing waste, increasing yields and improving nutrition. The westernisation of world diets is producing greater pressure on agriculture and many of…

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Social Media

The impact of social media throughout the world is growing rapidly. Communication has been revolutionlised, with many people having never been so 'connected' to one another. The implications of this r

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Quantitative methods in Social Science

The Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research is a centre of excellence in quantitative study of research methods and social sciences in the UK focussing on methodological and statistical development

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