Cyber Security

What is Cyber security?

Cyber Security is a broad field that encompasses a wide-range of concerns from the more traditional security concerns, such as cryptography, access control and verification to concerns emerging from the ever increasing digital society such as big-data analytics, intrusion, cloud computing and the internet of things.

Aspects of Cyber Security such as privacy and confidentiality, human behaviour, public policy, legal aspects and economics are increasingly recognised as vital areas for research.


Cyber security Research and Teaching at the the University of Manchester

Manchester is a leader in interdisciplinary Cyber Security research and teaching.

We undertake research in a wide range of areas vital to cyber security including Cryptography, Data Analytics, Distributed Systems and Networking, Threats and Intrusion and Verification and Engineering. We also have a strong track record in Policy Aspects of cybersecurity including data security and privacy and in Human Factors. 

Our MSc programmes cover Cryptography & Network Security and Cyber Security.

We provide informative and authoritative commentary on Cyber Security issues and we aim to collaborate and cooperate with other leading universities on cyber security research and to maintain strong relationships with industry and with national and  city-region cyber security organisations.


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