Social Media

The impact of social media throughout the world is growing rapidly. Communication has been revolutionlised, with many people having never been so 'connected' to one another. The implications of this revolution are profound in many ways, affecting societies, cultures, politics, economics, science and media; indeed, almost every academic discipline has been impacted.

Social media is inherently interdisciplinary and Manchester Informatics is working to build a community of social media researchers from across the University. We aim to be as inclusive as possible, bringing in researchers working in areas relevant to the socio-technical challenges of social media as well as those working on substantive themes in social media.

Previous Social Media Seminars: 

February 2016

Researching selfie politics: qualitative methodologies & Social Media Cultures

July 2015

Seminar: Using Twitter to predict the UK 2015 General Election

February 2014

Workshop: Substantive Themes

January 2014

Workshop: Outreach / Impact Aspects

April 2013

Social Media Theory Building event: Building Social Media Theory from Case Studies: A New Frontier for IS Research

January 2013

Workshop: Technical Challenges