Understanding and Modelling Human Behaviour

Human Behaviour explores how informatics can contribute to understanding, modelling, predicting and influencing human behaviour, including the study of artificial cognitive systems, and human factors influencing interactions with technology. This is a broad and currently diverse field, but has important implications in fields as diverse as healthcare and business.

Manchester Informatics runs a regular series of seminars focusing on different aspects of this area (recent topics include: Participation in Decision-making, Sustainable Behaviours, Changing Health Behaviours).

Here you can find information about previous Human Behaviour seminars including presentation slides.

February 2015 "Modelling human psychiatric illness in animals: promises & pitfalls"
April 2015 "Human Behaviour, Cognitive Systems and Human Factors Network"
June 2015 "Brain Imaging in Mental Health: How can Brain Imaging Help Us to Understand Depression and Addiction?"
November 2015   "UN Global Goals and Human Behaviour: Results-based Management or Changing Social Norms or Celebrity Advocacy?"
February 2016 "Eradicating global poverty- Behaviour or structure?"