Spatial analysis

ICT and geographic information systems have given rise to many exciting projects. Examples of current projects include:


location analytics: pinpointing the vital information, connections and patterns you need to make better, more insightful decisions

Map for England

A study from the University of Manchester examining a broad range of existing government policies and how - with an overarching framework - a Map for England - policy makers could make better judgments about how individual policy proposals interact with and affect development of the country as a whole. It would also increase consistency in appraisal, improve security and resilience, and provide a better understanding of sectoral issues that might complement or conflict with each other.

Climate Proof Cities

The aim of Climate Proof Cities is to build a multi-scale (from the level of buildings via neighbourhoods to city agglomerations) quantitative knowledge base on urban climate, the vulnerability of cities to climate change, and expected impacts of possible future changes in climate. Visit the Climate Proof Cities project web pages