Health & Care

Theme Lead: Professor John Ainsworth

Digital health at The University of Manchester brings together eHealth, covering digital processes in healthcare; and mHealth, which broadly enables these processes through the use of mobile & digital technologies.

As part of Mi's activities we coordinate the GM Connected Health Ecosystem, the NewMind Network & the UK Health Data Analytics Network .

Scope of Theme

The transformation of all aspects of health and care to be predictive, preventative, participatory and personalised through digital technology is the organising principle of the Health and Care theme. Our aim is not just to digitally enable health and care but to drive research and innovation through digital technologies. The health and care theme promotes the use of digital technologies to understand the causes and progressions of diseases, develop new diagnostics and therapies, understand the complex interaction between health and environment, optimise the health and care system, develop new experimental methods and to validate digital health technology. The theme includes:

  • Digital health and care interventions
  • Learning health systems
  • Digital epidemiology and public health
  • Behaviour change and self-care
  • Systems biology
  • Precision medicine
  • Real-world trials